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I hope you like living at St. Most of the time I like it too. I have exams coming up and I should be busy studying. You do not have exams because you are a tree. I just got my marks for last semester back! On a definitely completely unrelated note, how do you deal with the constant, relentlessly soul-crushing pain of disappointment after disappointment that characterises our lives on Earth? You must be very old, right?

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So I thought you might know. Are you worried about being affected by the Greek debt crisis? Should Greece be allowed to stay in the European Union? I also want to thank you for providing oxygen for us to breath in the hustle and bustle of the city. Dear Elm, I was delighted to find you alive and flourishing, because a lot of your family used to live in the UK, but they all caught a terrible infection and died. The current statewide KBDI is In addition, nearly every Florida county is below normal rainfall for the month of September. In the Panhandle, some areas are 18 inches below normal rainfall.

While lightning is one of the leading causes of wildfires in Florida, most of the wildfires this year have been human-caused and many were caused by escaped yard debris burning. The Florida Forest Service is urging the public to avoid yard debris burning due to the elevated fire threat and to use extreme caution when using fire outdoors, including campfires and grills. Joseph Tedder, 54, of Andersonville, Georgia, was driving a Dodge pickup truck at p. Ward, based on information from crash and homicide investigator FHP Cpl.

Nathan Morgan. The Dodge pickup truck was southbound on Southeast Highway , the FHP said, when it left the roadway and went onto the east grass shoulder, where it struck a tree head-on. He was not wearing a seatbelt, the FHP said. Two Newberry residents die in car crash By Jeff M. Steve R. Gaudia Sr. Linda M. Gaudia, 58, of Newberry was a passenger in the car, the FHP said.

The southbound Nissan was on Southwest nd Street, one-half mile north of Southwest 65th Avenue, the FHP said, when for unknown reasons, the car went onto the western grass shoulder. That is where the Altima struck a wooden pole power, the FHP said. After striking the power pole, the Nissan continued to the southwest, the FHP said, ejecting both the occupants as it overturned several times.

Neither occupant was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, the FHP said. The Altima came to final rest facing north on its left side, the FHP said.

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The Valiant crew launched two small boats with boarding teams made up of Valiant crew and two members of the Coast Guard Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team, successfully interdicting the semi-submersible in the early morning hours, who subsequently led and conducted a full law enforcement boarding with the assistance of Colombian Naval assets that arrived on scene shortly after. Approximately 1, pounds of cocaine were recovered and offloaded to the Valiant during the operations.

The remaining cocaine on the semi-submersible could not be safely extracted due to stability concerns of the vessel. The joint boarding successfully stopped a drug smuggling vessel and also strengthened international relations and communications between the two partner nations.

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Each in and of themselves is momentous events in any cutterman's career. Taken together, however, it is truly remarkably unprecedented This interdiction was an all-hands-on-deck evolution, and each crew member performed above and beyond the call of duty. Additionally, we could not have successfully completed this interdiction without the love and support of our families back home, many of whom evacuated from Jacksonville this week for Hurricane Dorian.

Missions include search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, marine environmental protection, homeland security, and national defense operations. Carrie Lee Mathis, 30, of Old Town is suspected of driving while license suspended or revoked DWLSR , burglary to a structure while armed, aggravated assault, robbery, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime and false imprisonment, DCSO Maj. Scott Harden said in a press release on Sept. Evidence leading to these charges began from a reported incident on the night of Sept.

While the deputy was on the way to this report, the deputy learned that the caller spoke Spanish and very little English. At this time, Harden said, the deputy requested another deputy who is bilingual to respond with him for assistance. When they arrived at the residence in Old Town, Harden said, the deputies were told by the victim that he heard a knock on his door and went to open the door. When he opened the door and saw a female that he recognized, Harden said, he attempted to close the door -- but the woman pushed her way inside.

Harden said the victim told the deputies this where she pulled a handgun from her waistband and demanded money. After a brief amount of time, Harden said, the victim was able to leave his home -- leaving the female, identified as Mathis inside. Deputies located an additional witness who is acquainted with Mathis, Harden said, and this added witness said that he saw Mathis that night with a firearm in her waistband. Attempts to locate Mathis that night and in the following days failed, Harden said.

However, on the night of Sept. Driver allegedly resists, arrest follows. Dallas M. Lepore, 22, of Bell, caught the attention of the deputy who was on patrol on Dixie County Road Sunday evening, Maj. Harden said, when the deputy clocked a vehicle being driven at 93 m. Upon conducting the traffic stop on the vehicle, the deputy spoke with Lepore and the other occupants of the vehicle, Harden said.

At the time of making contact, the deputy could smell the odor of what appeared to be marijuana coming from within the car, Harden said, and the deputy saw a small smoking pipe in the console. The deputy then explained that he was in the process of performing a lawful traffic stop, Harden said, and that Lepore needed to produce those documents.

Lepore continued to refuse to produce he documents, Harden said, and the man was arrested for resisting and officer without violence. After placing Lepore in the patrol vehicle, Harden said, the deputy identified the other occupants and confirmed that no one had a medical marijuana card.

The deputy then conducted a search of the vehicle, Harden said, where he located less than 20 grams of marijuana, the pipe and a small amount of cocaine. Lepore was then charged with the possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia, Harden said.

Possession of methamphetamine in Florida is a felony. And so, by allegedly failing to take a simple step to secure himself safely in a vehicle, according to information in a Monday Sept. Scott Harden, a man became suspected of breaking another traffic law as well as committing felonious drug possession. Saturday night shortly after 7, a DCSO deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle just north of Cross City, due to the driver not wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle passed through Cross City Maj.

Harden said in a Sept. The deputy then identified the other occupants and returned to his vehicle for a warrants and license check on the other people in the vehicle, Harden said. That is when the K-9 alerted to the presence of a controlled substance in the vehicle, Harden said. A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the deputies finding a glass pipe that tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine, Harden said.

Grant was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and DWLSR. Man dies in motorcycle crash By Jeff M. Ward, based on information from crash investigator and homicide investigator FHP Cpl. The motorcycle went onto the southern grassy shoulder of the road, where the motorcycle overturned in a field, the FHP said.

Roden was wearing a helmet and alcohol was not a factor in this crash, the FHP said. CODIS enables federal, state and local agencies to compare DNA profiles electronically, linking crimes to each other and known offenders. The governor commented on the report. Ron DeSantis. Today, a clear message has been sent that time may pass, but justice will be served. We are committed to projects like this, that assist us in getting dangerous and violent criminals off our streets. The results of many of those tests could lead to justice for attackers and closure for victims.

We have also seen over the last three years that based on the clearance of the backlog that multiple cold case arrests have been made.

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I thank the FDLE for their hard work to ensure this project was carried out and that new kits are tested within days of being submitted. Victims no longer have to fear that their rape kit will sit on a shelf while their attacker walks the street. Not all local law enforcement agencies submit their evidence to FDLE labs. Some Florida agencies use private labs or have their own lab systems.

Friday evening crash claims man's life By Jeff M. Frank Sablinskas, 31, of Homosassa was driving a Chevrolet pickup truck at p. Cloud and homicide investigator FHP Cpl. The semi was beginning to accelerate northbound on CR , ahead of the pickup truck, for a green traffic signal at Beverly Hills Boulevard, the FHP said. Sablinskas failed to observe the Mack ahead of the Chevrolet he was driving and the pickup truck hit the rear of the tractor-trailer, the FHP said. Both drivers involved in the crash were wearing seatbelts, the FHP said. Alcohol was not a contributing factor in this crash, the FHP said.

No charges resulted after this fatal crash, the FHP said. Sunday night stop nets Newberry suspect By Jeff M. Angela M. Cunningham, 60, of Newberry, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. On Sunday night, Harden said, a DCSO deputy made a routine traffic stop to investigate the possibility of driver impairment.

During the course of the stop, the deputy discovered aluminum foil folded in a manner consistent with the ingestion of illegal narcotics, Harden said. Inside the aluminum foil, were several pieces of what appeared to be crystal methamphetamine, Harden said, and the substance showed a positive field-test result to indicate it was methamphetamine. That is when the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle, Cunningham, was put in jail as a suspect for drug-related crimes, Harden said. DIXIE COUNTY -- A year-old Cross City man became a short-term resident of the Dixie County Jail after he is alleged to have been driving while his license was suspended or revoked, as well as speed, driving in a wilful and wanton reckless manner, resisting arrest without violence, and possessing a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, according to information in a Sept.

The report of Terrell Royal's alleged exploits shows his path to incarceration began Friday night Sept. The deputy saw a car traveling 65 m. The deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, which then sped away and continued to Northeast nd Avenue. The trail of danger created by this driver went east, when he too the speeding vehicle toward State Road , Harden said. Once the vehicle reached SR , it turned south and began heading back toward Old Town -- during which time it reached speeds of m. Once the vehicle got to U.

Highway 19, the vehicle turned back west toward Cross City, Harden said. It was traveling north in the southbound lanes of U.

After going through Cross City, Harden said, the fleeing vehicle again entered the southbound lanes while traveling north. During this time, Harden added, the vehicle reached speeds in excess of m. While the deputy was passing the fleeing vehicle, the vehicle struck the side of the deputy's patrol vehicle, Harden said.

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When the vehicle slowed and the driver entered the median in an apparent attempt to reenter the northbound lanes, a deputy took this opportunity to ram the vehicle with his patrol vehicle disabling the suspect vehicle and ending the pursuit, Harden said. Royal exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot, Harden said, when he was grabbed by one of the deputies who attempted to restrain him.

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After receiving a control bite, Harden said, Royal complied with commands. He was taken to the Dixie County Jail and booked on the aforementioned charges with the bond noted earlier. Scott Harden Published Sept. The purpose of their meeting was for Sheriff Hatcher to administer the School Safety Patrol Pledge to the members of the patrol. After participating in the pledge, the members were able to visit with the sheriff and have a group picture taken with him.

Since that time, the program has grown to include more than , members in in excess of 50, schools in the United States and Canada. AAA provides training materials, badges and other materials including the familiar neon green or orange belts that have become a recognizable fixture of the School Safety Patrol members over the years. Cement truck driver dies in Monday crash By Jeff M.

Michael W. Morris, 58, of Ocala was driving a Kenworth cement truck at p. Mark Baker. Julie P. Marvin T. Floyd B. The northbound cement truck was in the center lane of Interstate mile-marker , the FHP said, when, for unknown reasons, the cement truck veered to the left into the median and colliding with the guardrail. The cement truck continued into the southbound lanes of I, overturning onto its right side, the FHP said.

The F and the semi veered to the right and avoided the collision, the FHP said. The Honda attempted to avoid the collision but was unsuccessful, the FHP said.

77,000 Service-Trees 33 77,000 Service-Trees 33
77,000 Service-Trees 33 77,000 Service-Trees 33
77,000 Service-Trees 33 77,000 Service-Trees 33
77,000 Service-Trees 33 77,000 Service-Trees 33
77,000 Service-Trees 33 77,000 Service-Trees 33
77,000 Service-Trees 33 77,000 Service-Trees 33

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