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Among those captured was Anne Frank, a year-old schoolgirl who had spent over two years living in the cramped safehouse with her parents and older sister. The diary Frank kept during her confinement is now considered one of the most important accounts of the Holocaust, but the circumstances of her arrest have always been cloaked in mystery.

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It is believed that an anonymous tip helped guide the Nazis to the secret annex, yet despite decades of investigations, the identity of the informant has never been proven. Investigators began taking a fresh look at the case in , hoping to provide new answers. Van Maaren was later the subject of multiple investigations related to the betrayal—including one by famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal—but he always maintained his innocence, and none of the cases ever produced any evidence against him.

When Mary was imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle and forced to abdicate, Elizabeth was furious and wanted to intervene, but Cecil dissuaded her. And when Mary fled into England, hoping that Elizabeth would assist her, Cecil pushed hard for Mary to be submitted to an inquiry for involvement in the death of Darnley.

The aim was not to find her guilty or innocent, but to create a non-verdict which would ensure that she continued to languish in prison. So Mary was kept locked up, under a watch that grew so tight that, in the words of her keeper, not even a flea could escape her rooms. But what Cecil — and other ministers such as Francis Walsingham — really wanted was an excuse to get rid of his royal captive. And so a double agent was hired, who volunteered to take her letters to France. Every one was opened and decoded. When, finally, after nearly 20 years of imprisonment, Mary agreed to conspire in a plot against her cousin, Cecil had the evidence he needed to execute her.

Did she know that he was paying the men around Mary to undermine and unseat her? She was also concerned that if one woman was deprived of her throne, then it would reflect badly on all queens.

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However, when Mary arrived in England in after being deposed from the throne, Elizabeth had a problem on her hands. Restoring her cousin to the Scottish throne would involve a costly and perhaps unsuccessful military campaign. Meanwhile, Cecil was keen to support the Protestant government of Moray.

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He was also adamantly opposed to leaving Mary free, as he feared Catholic plotters might group around her. Mary begged Elizabeth to allow her to live quietly in France, and the king of France supported her wish — but Elizabeth refused. Instead, she had Mary locked up, on the grounds that she knew about the plot to murder Lord Darnley an accusation that was supported by no real evidence.

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If locking up Mary was a painful decision for Elizabeth, then the dilemma with which she was presented two decades later — when it emerged that Mary had given her support to a plot to unseat the English queen — was more tortuous still. Mary was put on trial and found guilty of treason.

But Elizabeth was reluctant.

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Finally she gave in and signed the execution warrant. Cecil enacted it immediately and Elizabeth was shocked and devastated — she perhaps had hoped to change her mind. Elizabeth had feared the fury of Catholic Europe. She also dreaded that executing a queen would undermine the whole concept of monarchy. And, as it turned out, Elizabeth was right to be worried.

The campaign to send Mary to the block had emboldened parliament. The trial and subsequent execution of a queen of Scotland in paved the way for the trial and execution of a king of England, Charles I, 60 years later.

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Mary, Queen of Scots is often seen as the author of her own downfall. But, from the start, the odds were stacked against her. She was manipulated, she was subjected to repeated mutinies, she was assaulted and she was imprisoned. As I argue in my recent book on Elizabeth and Mary, she could have been an excellent queen. Darth Vader became an angsty emo teenager. Lucas tried to do way too much with CGI. The trade war stuff was interesting, but far too predominant. We got midichlorians for goodness sake. George Lucas is an idea guy. He has great ideas. But there is little evidence to back that argument.

One has to look through rosy-tinted glasses to believe such a thing. He could have finished his three next films first.

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