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He is famously tight-lipped about what goes on in the locker room, and prefers to deflect reporters with this phrase and get out interviews as quickly as possible. The coach of the U. A hockey team at the Winter Olympics commented on his team's lack of rest by saying, "We're going to do the best that we can.

It is what it is. Politicians have also used the phrase to end discussion about uncomfortable subjects, including election losses. George W.

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Bush reportedly said it when he thought he might lose to John Kerry in the election. Likewise, Al Gore had this to say about his loss in "I strongly disagreed with the Supreme Court decision and the way in which they interpreted and applied the law.

It Is What It Is - Lecrae - VAGALUME

But I respect the rule of the law, so it is what it is. This popular phrase has also been used in books, movies and music - and not just in conversation or dialogue. It's also the title of the following:.

Jeon - It Is What It Is (Prod. Arvani) ft. Roger Peterson

Similarities to the idea expressed in "It is what it is" can be found in other languages. In Persian, "Fihi Ma Fihi" means the same thing and was the title of a famous work by Rumi, a 13th century writer. Though we may never know who first coined the phrases "It is what it is" in English, it's a very useful saying that can help you move on from a topic of conversation that is going nowhere.

It's also a great way to show acceptance of what has happened and a readiness to forge ahead without dwelling on a past that cannot be changed. Here's what you are really saying when you use this horrid phrase: "This situation sucks and I wish things were different but I just don't have it in me to try and fix things, so eff it.

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It's apathy wrapped in feigned casualness. The effectiveness of "it is what it is" is that others can't argue against it. No one can refute it. It stops short any constructive communication right in its tracks.

This Is What the Phrase 'It Is What It Is' Really Means

If you ask a person why something can't be accomplished and his or her response is, "It is what it is," then there is no moving forward. It is an invisible, immovable barrier stronger than the Death Star's deflector shield, and one that no Jedi can disable. Granted, there are many circumstances where using "it is what it is" is completely appropriate. Weather, car accidents, death, Internet trolls and the continual sucking of every Cleveland sports team are all situations that are completely out of your control and no sort of brainstorming session is going to solve them.

The problem is that people are using the phrase as a catch-all to avoid being proactive. It's easier to say a catch phrase than it is to solve a problem. Also, using the phrase is not particularly deep, thought provoking or insightful. It's the equivalent of screaming, " Serenity now! The unit used the phrase to explain or excuse action and inaction, misfortune and blessing, success and failure.

It is what it is had evolved from words to mindset and had permeated the unit's culture.

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  8. Here's the problem with It is what it is. It abdicates responsibility, shuts down creative problem solving, and concedes defeat. A leader who uses the expression is a leader who faced a challenge, failed to overcome it, and explained away the episode as an inevitable, unavoidable force of circumstances. It is what it is is especially damaging when used to frame a response to a problem "Our overhead costs unexpectedly increased, so we missed our revenue this quarter.

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