Kale and the Assassin (The Legends of Kale)

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Follow Us. Joshua Espinoza. Complex June 28, Gucci Mane's latest way to freak out the internet: eating kale. S SartoriallyInc June 28, Gucci mane is having the healthiest lifestyle right now eating kale lmaoo thats what's up — scott pilgrim wackgawd June 28, Gucci Mane eating kale on snapchat is inspirational and very important for the youth — Niall NiallBowes June 28, Damn I'ma be feeling like Gucci Mane everytime I eat kale.


I never thought the day would come where I see Gucci mane eating kale — redline lameluiss June 28, What to Read Next. Yahoo Celebrity.

Yahoo Movies. Entertainment Tonight. Yahoo Entertainment. Iron helps with the formation of haemoglobin and enzymes and is essential for liver function and cell growth. Zoe Harcombe, a nutritionist and obesity researcher, added it is abundant in vitamins A, C and K. She told MailOnline: 'These vitamins have so many benefits in the body. Kale contains more iron than the equivalent weight of steak, and more calcium than milk - both.

If we didn't have this ability we would bleed to death from a cut finger. She added that it also contains zinc, which helps the body fight infection. Other experts have noted benefits including lowering cholesterol, protecting against cancer and lowering inflammation in the body, which is the main cause of many chronic diseases. Kale contains only 50 calories per g, and zero fat, it is said to be the friend of slimmers. Ms Harcombe said kale is so packed with nutrients it should be a staple.

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She said: 'When you compare the nutritional value of kale to other foods it's incredible. When you look at an apple compared with kale, you wouldn't bother with an apple. She concluded: 'I think most people probably don't get enough dark green leafy veg on average.

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While a great source of vitamin K for most people, there are some groups for which eating kale - which is high in the vitamin - is not advised, Ms Harcombe continued. As it helps the blood clot, those who are at risk of a clot, or who have been prescribed medication to thin their blood by a doctor should avoid dark leafy greens. Another common complaints about kale is that it causes digestive issues: stomach aches and bloating, nutritionist Rob Hobson told MailOnline.

People taking blood-thinning medications are told to avoid all dark green leafy veg not just kale as they are rich in vitamin K - which stops blood from clotting file photo. She told MailOnline: 'A lot of people are putting it in smoothies. It is indigestible like that. It could also be dangerous for heart or kidney patients, or people with undiagnosed issues with these organs. This is because it contains high levels of potassium - mg per g.

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Potassium is an essential mineral that the body needs, especially for nerves and muscles. But if levels of potassium become too high in the blood, it can cause serious health problems. These patients already have high levels of the mineral, and as a rule are told to avoid all cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli and sprouts.

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Other experts have warned that eating too much kale can cause hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones, leaving sufferers tired, depressed and possibly gaining weight. Too much potassium can be dangerous for heart and kidney patients. However, Ms Cashin says the evidence for this link is thin.

She added that most of the concerns raised about kale may not be to do with the nutritional values of the leaf itself when a sensible amount is consumed, but in people's 'all or nothing' attitude to dieting. Eating too much of any food can have adverse effects, she said.

She continued: 'My advice would be to eat it a couple of times a week, but to remember there are other dark green vegetables too - cabbage, broccoli, sprouts. The truth about KALE: It's abundant in vitamins and minerals - but experts warn it can cause bloating, thyroid problems and even heart problems Dark green leaves have more iron than meat and more calcium than meat Also contain vitamins A, C and K - important for eyes, blood and immunity But some experts warn kale is overhyped and eating too much can cause digestive problems, hypothyroidism, irregular heartbeats and sudden death By Madlen Davies for MailOnline Published: BST, 22 October Updated: BST, 22 October e-mail shares.

Kale and the Assassin (The Legends of Kale)
Kale and the Assassin (The Legends of Kale)
Kale and the Assassin (The Legends of Kale)
Kale and the Assassin (The Legends of Kale)
Kale and the Assassin (The Legends of Kale)

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