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Mastodon & Clutch: Minority Report

As she juggles a romance she must keep hidden and a newfound ambition to write and publish her own story, she risks exposing herself—and Marie—to a danger all too real. I really enjoyed this. But, eventually it all really started to come together and in the end, was super satisfying. Linh is driven and doing all the right things to prepare for college applications. She finally settles on researching s lesbian pulp fiction, deciding she will write about the novels, the circumstances surrounding that time period and the novels, and try her hand at writing a pulp novel, with a twist.


Her research leads her to reading a book by Marian Love, which then leads her to kind of an obsession about finding out more about the elusive Love while she also works to figure out her own love life, changing relationships, and her future. In , they are in the midst of McCarthyism and the Lavender Scare. There are plenty of reasons to deny their feelings and hide who they are, but despite their fear, the girls pursue a relationship.

Janet writes to the author of her favorite pulp book and then begins writing her own book, envisioning a future where she and Marie move to New York, free to be out and accepted by other people like them. Younger readers may not know much about the lesbian novels of the 50s, McCarthyism, the Lavender Scare, etc.

Though for a while it seems like so much is not going as Abby or Janet had hoped their lives would go, this is ultimately a hopeful novel about identity, progress, community, acceptance, and the power of reading just the right book at just the right time. Review copy courtesy of the publisher and Edelweiss. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. During his fifty-five-year career, Clifford D. Simak produced some of the most iconic science fiction stories ever written.


Born on a farm in southwestern Wisconsin, Simak got a job at a small-town newspaper in and eventually became news editor of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune , writing fiction in his spare time. See All Customer Reviews.

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Weird are the conditions of the interdimensional struggle faced by Dr. White's ninety-nine men.

Title: Project Mastodon

Project Mastodon appeared in the March issue of Galaxy. He was. Not he alone, but a thousand others, working desperately, knowing that the time was short, working not alone for two men trapped in time, but for the peace they all had dreamed about-that the whole world had yearned for through the ages. For to be of any use, it was imperative that they could zero in the time machines they meant to build as an artilleryman would zero in a battery of guns, that each time machine would take its occupants to the same instant of the past, that their operation would extend over the same period of time, to the exact second.

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It was a problem of control and calibration-starting with a prototype that was calibrated, as its finest adjustment, for jumps of 50, years. Project Mastodon was finally under way. Like every farmer on every planet, Duncan had to hunt down anything that damaged his crops-even though he was aware this was- The Street That Wasn't There appeared in the July issue of Comet.

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Jonathon Chambers left his house on Maple Street at exactly seven o'clock in the evening and set out on the daily walk he had taken, at the same time, come rain or snow, for twenty solid years. The walk never varied. He paced two blocks down Maple Street, stopped at the Red Star confectionery to buy a Rose Trofero perfecto, then walked to the end of the fourth block on Maple. There he turned right on Lexington, followed Lexington to Oak, down Oak and so by way of Lincoln back to Maple again and to his home.

He didn't walk fast. He took his time.

Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon
Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon
Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon
Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon
Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon
Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon
Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon Pulp Classics: Project Mastodon

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