The Einstein-Bush connection

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Benjamin Harrison (1888)

Harrison, whose campaign was better organized , was able to capture Indiana, his home state, even though it had gone to Cleveland in the previous election. Cleveland captured nearly 91, more popular votes, but lost the electoral college to Harrison with a vote of to Cleveland got his revenge four years later, however, when he defeated Harrison with an electoral vote of to He became the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms.

It took years for there to be another election where the victor won fewer popular votes. Bush, the governor of Texas and the son of the 41st President.

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The race was so close that Florida law required the votes to be recounted, and then the Florida Supreme Court further ordered that ballots in four counties needed to be counted again. However, on Dec. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the election, ultimately most Americans did not feel that the events had undermined their sense of the legitimacy of either the Supreme Court or Bush, according to polling by Gallup.

However, another institution did take a hit to its reputation: the Electoral College. On Dec. In later years, Gore joined that majority. In , he told NBC News that he believes that the Electoral College should be eliminated to encourage voter participation.

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However, Clinton took in 2. While the full impact of the election remains to be seen, it quickly generated conversation — especially among Democrats — about changing the Electoral College.

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She reiterated this position after her own defeat. Although Trump had previously criticized the Electoral College process, he seemed to change his mind after his victory. Campaigning is much different! Write to Tara Law at tara.

A Matter of Taste

By Tara Law May 15, President Rutherford B. Hayes, c. Hayes was the 19th President of the United States. Benjamin Harrison served as President of the United States from to Bush acknowledges the cheers of supporters following his acceptance speech in the House of Representatives Chambers at the State Capitol Dec.

President-elect Donald Trump celebrates on election night on Nov. Suite I loved it there.

So cosseted. So private. Only the floor butler rang the door. I opened it. There was no one there. Standing down there was a very small Kate Bush. What can you do? She wanted to explain what her video was about. I let her in. She sat down, said some stuff.

Obama and Bush are Cousins!

Everything about Reich echoed through me. He was there then and now he was here. Sitting across from me in the person of the very eloquent Kate Bush. She talked some more.

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I love that I did it. What do I remember about doing it?

Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time?

No rain was forecast. A most vivid memory: being aroused in the early morning hours just before dawn and led to an open door to observe a steady rain. I wanted to point out the story was real, which is why I had Kate take out the book.

The Einstein-Bush connection The Einstein-Bush connection
The Einstein-Bush connection The Einstein-Bush connection
The Einstein-Bush connection The Einstein-Bush connection
The Einstein-Bush connection The Einstein-Bush connection
The Einstein-Bush connection The Einstein-Bush connection
The Einstein-Bush connection The Einstein-Bush connection

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