The Shadow People

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Sometimes Animal Shadows take the form of birds, bats, or even apes. Shadow People first got the real recognition they deserved in April of when paranormal radio personality, Art Bell, put them in the spotlight.

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He had a lengthy on-air discussion with his guest, Thunder Strikes, a native American elder that knew Shadow Figures well—an authority. Bell then asked his listening audience to draw pictures of Shadow People that they had encountered, and send them in. The results were varied and startling. It revealed that the Shadows existed in several different types. Since this first bit of recognition, books have been written about Shadow People and there are videos of them on video channels, if you dare.

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You can decide for yourself if Shadow People are benign or evil. Toggle navigation.

A Brief History of the Shadow People

The Shadow People Are Watching. The Watchman watches silently but inspires dread.

Shadow People

Misty Shadow People are dark and wispy and move like smoke. Should I admit, I have been visited by cat shadows? Also Ninja. December 21, A term recently coming into common use in Seattle, WA. The term refers to African Americans and their skin tone, also derived from the stereotypical actions usually associated with African Americans. I can't believe that people actually refer to blacks as Shadow People. Milkshake Duck Being a Towel Above your raising Pank Rembrandt Octopus Girl Hambug Fumble the bag The seagull Feasty They move slowly and sometimes flee when asked.

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A flashlight sometimes makes them retreat, but this is reported to only work occasionally. A black mass in human shape that crawls across floors, walls, and ceilings.

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They have been noted to move slowly, but can be known to move quickly. Dark and smoky mist, some light will be able to pierce it but it will appear to move consciously.

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Most evidence of shadow people have only been photographs and eyewitness accounts. Most photos can easily be seen as fake and eyewitness accounts are not admissible.

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It's believed that most sightings of Shadow People are attributed to several physiological and psychological conditions. Including sleep paralysis, hallucinations, drug use, and sleep deprivation. These factors can account for most reports of Shadow People. Sign In Don't have an account?

The Shadow People The Shadow People
The Shadow People The Shadow People
The Shadow People The Shadow People
The Shadow People The Shadow People
The Shadow People The Shadow People
The Shadow People The Shadow People
The Shadow People The Shadow People

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