The Six Wives of Henry VIII

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The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon was the first of Henry's wives, and had previously been married to Henry's older brother Arthur, who died aged Catherine wed Henry in , shortly after he became king, and their marriage lasted almost 24 years — the other five spanned less than 10 years put together. While she was pregnant six times, only one of Catherine's children with Henry survived: a girl who later became Queen Mary I.

Obsessed with trying to produce a male heir, the king spent their final years together desperately trying to annul their marriage, which he eventually managed in The expensive, all-consuming process cost Cardinal Thomas Wolsey his life, and sparked a rift with the Pope which led to England breaking from the Roman Catholic Church and the eventual establishment of the Church of England. Henry married Anne Boleyn after finally securing his annulment — her sister, Mary, had already been a mistress to the king, and the couple may have had a child together. She was an unpopular figure in court, her intellect and independence leading to her making many influential enemies.

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Although, like Catherine, she had a healthy daughter Elizabeth I , Anne's failure to produce a future king meant Henry quickly tired of her. He annulled their marriage and, with the assistance of his influential, ambitious right-hand man Thomas Cromwell, had her executed on somewhat flimsy charges of adultery, incest and high treason in One of Anne's ladies in waiting, Jane Seymour married Henry just 13 days after the former queen's beheading in She was of relatively low birth compared to Henry's other wives but, crucially for the king, gave birth to a healthy male heir, Edward, in It would be their only child together — Jane died, presumably from post-natal complications, just 12 days after Edward was born.

Henry was thought to be heartbroken by the death of his third wife, and was buried next to Jane when he died in Together they had a daughter, Elizabeth — the future Queen Elizabeth I. Frustrated, he believed his marriage was cursed and that Anne was to blame. Following accusations of numerous crimes, including witchcraft and treason plotting to kill the king , she was arrested and beheaded. Unlike his previous wives, however, Jane never had a coronation and so was never crowned Queen of England. Some people believe this was because Henry wanted her to provide an heir to the throne first.

And in October , the time had finally come — Henry became the proud father of Prince Edward. But the prince came at a price — Jane took ill and died just two weeks after the birth. But as time passed, the King and his ministers felt that England needed a foreign ally — and so the hunt for a new bride began! Poor Anne!

Who were Henry VIII’s six wives, what happened to them and when did he marry Anne Boleyn?

By the time they married in July , Henry was 49 years old, overweight and unable to walk, and Kathryn a lively teenager. But trouble lay ahead for Kathryn — two years into their marriage, she was accused of being unfaithful to the king. Her fate..? An educated woman who loved to learn new things, Catherine married Henry on 12 July Her interest in Protestantism a new religious faith made her enemies in court — enemies who tried to turn the king against her and have her arrested.

Henry VIII’s wives in rhyme

Luckily for Catherine, she managed to convince Henry that she was loyal to him and his religion, and was spared execution. Henry died in , leaving Catherine widowed and free to marry her former love, Thomas Seymour. While you wait for it to be checked and approved why not to add a pre-selected message and a cool badge.

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These are some really interesting facts about Henry, he is belived to be a cruel man, who only wanted a son and instead beheaded some of his poor wives. I loved this fact and I know already know what to learn and also I can able to do my homework and revision. I need to investigate more about why he wanted so many wives!

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Oh my goodness! What amazing new facts to add to my one hundreth book of knowledge on history!

The Six Queens of Henry VIII Episode 2

Ekkkk can't wait! My teacher would be soooooo proud of me.

The Six Wives of Henry VIII 101 - Catherine of Aragon

I was looking at a book about history yesterday and saw somethings about 5 of his wives and could name them but didn't know about the others!!!! Thank you soooooo much! I now love history!!! You made history class a breeze!

The Six Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII
The Six Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII
The Six Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII
The Six Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII
The Six Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII
The Six Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII

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