The Vital Principle

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But, although life may appear compounded in its effects in a complicated animal like man, it is as simple in him as in the most simple animal, and is reducible to one simple property in every animal.

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These are two very different properties, though they arise from the same principle. Barclay [3] observes that, "in every living organized structure there is plainly a power that preserves, regulates, and controls the whole; directing, at first, the different processes in forming one part of the organs, afterwards employing the assistance of the organs which it has formed to produce more, till at last it completes the whole of the system in such a manner as to suit its future conveniences and wants.

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This power, or rather this agent, physiologists have named Vital Principle ; though not a few are inclined to suppose it to be the effect, rather than the cause, of the organization. But in all operations that are performed without either volition or consciousness, it appears subordinate to a much higher power—to that Almighty and Omniscient Being, who dispenses his laws to the boundless Universe, and whose laws, except by himself, can never be improved, altered, or abrogated.

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  8. So long as this series of movements is maintained, the body, in which it is manifested, is a living body; and when it is irrecoverably arrested it is dead. Magendie, that, by its admitting the idea of death , it presupposes life , and thus establishes a vicious circle of reasoning. It is criticised also by M.

    The nature of Vital Principle, then, is still for us, as it was for Aristotle, a great mystery; and as opinions upon it are at best but speculations, we may proceed, without further comment, to the text, which, besides miscellaneous matter, will be found to contain suggestions for reflexion and inquiry.

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      The Vital Principle

      In other languages Add links. Fairway Chiropractic Clinic. All rights reserved. Fairway Chiropractic Clinic Home. Health is the vital principle of bliss Health is optimal performance on every level It is dependent upon the proper balance of body chemistry. The control mechanism of the brain keeps the body chemistry in harmony and regulates body function.

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      In order for this control mechanism to be maintained the nerves that regulate the body chemistry need to be protected. There are bones of the spine called vertebrae that, when properly aligned, keep the nerve channels protected.

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      The Vital Principle The Vital Principle
      The Vital Principle The Vital Principle
      The Vital Principle The Vital Principle
      The Vital Principle The Vital Principle
      The Vital Principle The Vital Principle
      The Vital Principle The Vital Principle
      The Vital Principle The Vital Principle

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