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But the web — rumor-mill and fact-checker in equal portions — soon found fault with the post: it took readers only minutes to recognize that several photos in the BuzzFeed post were fakes.

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That didn't quell the storm: by not immediately acknowledging what it had done, Buzzfeed was accused of flunking one of the net's golden rules: transparency. After another Twitter-bashing, it clarified what it had done. Michelle Malkin, one of those who called out Buzzfeed, tweeted us t o say that the website "did the right thing" but should have left the photos up.

How do you think journalistic organizations should handle such errors? How much transparency do you want from your news organizations?

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Are errors more forgiveable if they're made while covering breaking news? We've pulled together the Buzzfeed tangle in the Storify below.

Trivecta - Tornado (feat. Monika Santucci) [Monstercat Release]

Read it through and tell us what you think in the comments. Topics Social media US news blog. Dross is the president of Wright-Weather. MT Take cover! Incredible footage of the TIV being hit by a tornado yesterday. Falls under the category of "don't do this.. She covers weather of all types, but is often at the front of tweeting and retweeting important information from across her network of colleagues.

When tornadoes are possible, factual news matters. Never take safety for granted.

Fake tornado photos cause Twitter storm for Buzzfeed | Media | The Guardian

A native of the Plains, his tornado knowledge comes shining through, at least when he has the time to tweet from his own account see TWCBreaking below. If you took shelter for every tornado warning, how much time would that be in 1 year? Check out the map! While their focus is on Oklahoma, their tornado information often spans a much larger area both via current thinking and historical information.

Patrick was scooped up by the Storm Prediction Center in recent years, and for good reason. Anyone who is young and studies tornadoes should strive to be like him, though good luck with that I say! AMS pic.

Spring 12222: Tornado Social Media

Sarah is a producer with The Weather Channel and a researcher working alongside the legendary Dr. Greg Forbes. While she covers weather across the gamut, her severe weather knowledge is clear as day during stormy situations. Here's the best side-by-side comparison we could do of the damage in Washington, IL. They bring a bevvy of chasers together as well, with streaming video and more. We issued a Day 2 Moderate Risk for severe weather on Sunday. Here are past November Day 2 Moderates since : pic.

The number one pros when it comes to storms of any kind.

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Not following them would be pretty dumb. Supercell near Piedmont, OK dropping 5" hail, this was just before tornadogenesis. May 29, First class imagery, plus a dedication to interacting and teaching.

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Based in Norman, Ok. Plus they have several teams who often hit different areas, meaning the odds of a total group bust go down. From earlier today. Setting the standard even outside television is something TWC is known for.

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  • Fake tornado photos cause Twitter storm for Buzzfeed.
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Their social presence shows off their skills.

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