What Would Love Do?

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Start dying.

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I also stop attracting new clients and making money because I energetically close for business. All three books helped me hear this Big message, especially one section of Conversations with God. The book suggests that when faced with a decision we try asking a specific question to help us move forward in a way that supports our growth. This question is important because love is always life-affirming.

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Trust your first response. Would love complain or have a temper tantrum?

Would love gossip? Would love find a helpful solution to the problem?

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I find this approach particularly useful when trying to grow meaningful lifework and help others do the same. Fear shows up in any number of guises, mostly in feeling too:. The list goes on and on.

These are almost always fear-based, unconscious strategies that keep us from growing into our greatest Selves. How would your life be different if you constantly asked, What would love do in this situation?

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  5. What Would Love Do?.

What would love do? It was simple, but profound: Do what you love. Would love take a leap of faith?

WHAT WOULD LOVE DO CHORDS (ver 2) by Scott Stapp @ olupogijyr.ga

In all of life, we only have one of two choices: 1. Go with what love would do. Go with what fear would do.

Love always makes life-affirming choices. It's all regenerative. All the solutions are there……they just need seeding. The monies raised here are contributed to the vast number of regenerative solutions that need funding. Stretching across our farms, our rural communities, our city foodies, our regional farmers markets and gardens, our ocean warriors, our animal care-takers, to forest growth, indigenous healing, and of course our young people and all their activities.

GATHER- What Would Love Do? TM with Mark Hitchcock

Education, awareness and action. Balance, harmony and regeneration. Love, light and a future earth.

With heartfelt Gratitude, we thank those beings who have come to lend some of their precious attention to this cause. The cause of a new paradigm of regenerative ideas and communities regenerating life with love. So be it. What would love do now is a charity advocating for individuals practicing, supporting or engaging regeneration of our eco-system, soil, food chain, communities and culture.

What Would Love Do? What Would Love Do?
What Would Love Do? What Would Love Do?
What Would Love Do? What Would Love Do?
What Would Love Do? What Would Love Do?
What Would Love Do? What Would Love Do?

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